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CPS| Primary Maths and Science ECD A TG
CPS| Primary Maths and Science ECD A TG

CPS| Primary Maths and Science ECD A TG


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Publisher: Consultus Publishing Services
ISBN:    9780797477421
Summary:CPS| Primary Maths and Science ECD A TG


CPS| Physical Education ECD A TG

  • is written in line with the new curriculum that was developed and prepared by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. (new curriculum 2015-2022)
  • Is logically and sequentially arranged to help the teacher effectively and efficiently deliver the intended lessons
  • Explicitly and clearly guides the teacher on how to execute lessons as per the new curriculum requirements
  • Tales very well the learner's book and workbook
  • empowers the teacher with skills and expertise in using the book
  • Book layout lessens the teacher's burden in executing the lessons
  • The book gives room to the teacher to collect materials for the lessons
  • The structure of the book is easy to understand and use
  • provides functional and useful background information to guide learners to acquire knowledge through the child-centered methodologies
  • Topics have been well arranged in a manner that allows a good flow of lessons for better comprehension of skills and concepts by learners
  • Has assessment activities at the end of each chapter to guide the teacher in assessing learners.



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