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CPS| Heritage Studies LB Form 2
CPS| Heritage Studies LB Form 2

CPS| Heritage Studies LB Form 2


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Publisher: Consultus Publishing Services
ISBN:    9780797497900
Summary:CPS| Heritage Studies LB Form 2


CPS| Heritage Studies LB Form 2

This book offers comprehensive coverage of form 2 heritage studies requirements as outlined in the ministry of primary and secondary education New Curriculum (2015-2022). It covers socialization, identity, indigenous herbs, languages, and cultures of the people of Zimbabwe, inheritance, and heirship practices of indigenous families and societies, sovereignty and governance, national heritage, the constitution of Zimbabwe, rights, and responsibilities, production, distribution of good and services, and global issues. The book helps learners to develop into individuals who have a collective responsibility for protecting and investing in their cultural, natural, and liberation heritage and wealth creation for posterity. It develops a spirit of national consciousness and molds the human character, which is the foundation of Unhu/ Ubuntu/ Vumunhu(societal norms and value


  • is the second in the series of Heritage Studies books 1 to 4
  • helps learners to become responsible patriotic citizens of Zimbabwe, who are competent, self-reliant, and who have a sense of national pride
  • offers activities that are thought-provoking and that encourage lively participation by learners to enable them to actively grasp the content
  • presentation of content equips learners with deep knowledge and appreciation of our nation and cultural values 
  • inclusion of a wide variety of case studies makes the content interesting and gives a real-life situation that learners can identify with
  • Offers a value-laden. approach to content that inculcates into learners critical national and cultural values such as unhu/ ubuntu/vumunhu, patriotism,unity,integrity,sencr of identity and belonging
  • Teaches an interactive and sustainable approach to national development through engaging activities that challenge learners to be involved as co creators to heritage studies.
  • offers end of chapter questions which resemble typical exam structure that enables learners to prepare adequately for their final exams.


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