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CPS|Agriculture Grade7 Revision
CPS|Agriculture Grade7 Revision

CPS|Agriculture Grade7 Revision


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Publisher: Consultus Publishing Services
ISBN:    9781779255013
Summary:CPS|Agriculture Grade7 Revision


CPS|Agriculture Grade7 Revision

CPS O'Level Agriculture revision book is a comprehensive book that uniquely prepares and equips the learner for the final ZIMSEC Agriculture 4001 examinations. It is written to meet the agriculture requirements of the updated curriculum (Ministry OF pRIMARY AND sECONDARY eDUCATION 2015-2022)

The book offers 

  • General examination tips 
  • Breakdown of the key concepts of the Agriculture 4001 new curriculum syllabus 
  • Expected skills, competencies, and abilities from the learners 
  • Summary notes per chapter for a quick recap of the content
  • Variety of practice questions per topic to broaden the coverage of the syllabus objectives
  • Practice questions for experiments in Agriculture

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