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CPS| Physical Education ECD B LB
CPS| Physical Education ECD B LB

CPS| Physical Education ECD B LB


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Publisher: Consultus Publishing Services
ISBN:    9781779036223
Summary:CPS| Physical Education ECD B LB


 CPS| Physical Education ECD B LB

  • is written in line with the new curriculum that was developed and prepared by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. ( new curriculum 2015-2022)
  • Lays the foundation for creativity and learners through talent and skill transfer
  • contains hands and minds-on activities that promote problem-solving in learners
  • Exposes learners to various scenarios that help them develop cognitively
  • Enables learners to communicate information, knowledge, and national ideals through the displays
  • Allow learners to engage in corporate work and self-assessment activities


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